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The only double top trading you will ever need in trading beginners

Accuracy whether or not that specific asset is going to reverse in start heading lower in a very dramatic

 way double taps or one of the most parents in the industry in my opinion the video what I want to do is

 teach you everything you need to know about trading. 

What is a double tap in and we fail to make new high-rise right? This is our first? 

What is a double tap and we fail to make new high-rise right? This is our first sign of a double tap in

 what it's telling us. Is that there is not enough by pressure for price to continue hire in this up training.

 What does Kirby is a great indication for a reversal in price so things like a double will be waiting for

 this specific scenario were making hire and loads and then we'll wait on this failure to break in the new

 as we wait on some confirmation and then we would have a higher probability of price reversing and

 heading lower. 

From this area is price to reverse just as we can see it doing here on the Aussie dollar the next into your

 trading plan India trading Arsenal is specific rows for you want to be consistent in the way to your

 training them consistently profitable.

 You must be consistent while you're trading talk about the consistent trading double tap so in a very

 simple way, but I'm looking for it's price to create. 

What's price darts to full bag I want to create a zone between the highest week and the highest body

 before that pullback occurred between the highest wigs in the highest body of our first initial top


This indicates that buyers do and are providing enough pressure to push this market continuously in the

 uptrend that it's already been in for a while. 

So another thing is to make sure that at least test this first app with a wig and clothes in Saturday's own

 a week can go above the previous.

 I but what I want to make sure we don't have a closed above this high and that price at least our first or

 the body of a king. 

Rules for double tap and if we push price a head unit as you can see this does happen in the case of the

 other darling. We have bright pushing up. 

We do infected a test of the first top and we do not have a close of a candle way above our first stop in

 getting triggered innovation, so we called it. 

I have a failure to create new eyes. We need to talk about is right now that you know these double tops.

 Let's talk about injuries so in terms of different countries to go from the most aggressive to what I

 consider the most conservative in the most aggressive way that I enter on the types of patterns is the

 weight for a red can wait for a failure to break in the new as to close above the previous I and then just

 having a red kind of ear pressure after a billion to break in a new as that is what I would consider the

 most aggressive way to trade a double tap now in terms of slightly less aggressive in a more conserved

 old weight on but we call the break of a neck glands are right here on this double tap would be what we

 consider the neckline of a double top in the reason is normally in shape.

 We have. 

Looking forward for this more conservative way is for price to those below the lower slope of a more

 conservative way to enter and for what I consider the most conservative way to enter on double top

 tread. I'll be waiting for price of brake below on next to this area followed by dragonsitter the most

 conservative way to enter trades. 

Would be completely or second most impressive injury. 

My trading time frame in my higher time frames going to be a date using so we have something that

 happens like this with price pushing down pushing down and then we begin to push my way of trading

 what I do is my daily short all of the levels of resistance looking left and resistance bands. 

Because this is my favourite compliment with double and created our first time. 

Fermentation using the Wickes in the party terminates for closing above my zone.

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